Smart Email Analyzer
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Want to assess how smart, healthy  and productive your email habits are?

Check out Smart Mailbox Analyzer... a simple but powerful tool that’s meant to do just that.

Smart Mailbox Analyzer integrates with Microsoft Outlook® and within minutes generates a host of useful information about your email behaviour:

  • When and how much you email
  • How long and what size your emails are
  • Who sends you most emails and who you send most emails to
  • What is the average and maximum number of emails you send and receive in a day or an hour?
  • How this varies during different hours, different days and different months?
  • How much you email during and outside working hours?

Smart Mailbox Analyzer tells you all this and much more, with an intuitive, ultra light, simple interface . Within minutes  you can build a complete profile of your email habits.

In addition to a quick summary of your major habit indicators, the software gives you lots of information on... how long you take before responding to emails, how your email are split between different days, different hours, different months, etc, proportion of 1-to-1 vs group emails, average email lengths etc etc.

For further background, check out how it works.

Download it now and give it a try. We also welcome your comments and feedback.


SMA excel screenshot
Graph - Different Days
Graph - Different Hours
Graph - Different Months